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Businesses and content creators who want to compete in a highly visual world need video content. Video traffic accounts for more than 80% online traffic. People are increasingly preferring video content over other online content such as text or images.

Video content has a greater organic reach than any other type of content. Video content has been difficult to create and distribute because it is time-consuming.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is a new technology, has made it easier to create video than ever before. With the AI video generators, creating video content has never been easier.


Synthesys stands at the forefront of AI video generation platforms. Powered by proprietary text-to-video algorithms, the innovative Synthesys solution allows commercial entities to rapidly convert scripts into professional videos complete with customized voiceovers and animated avatars. This positions the company as an ideal tool for scalable corporate explainer, tutorial, and presentation video production.

Specifically, Synthesys automates intensive video creation elements like speech writing, motion graphics, scene visualization and editing through its AI models. Scripts get synthesized into full animated videos with lip-synced voiceovers in 140+ language options without the creator needing cameras, expensive studios or post-production mastery. The AI handles realistic avatar gesture generation, dynamic scene cuts, and polished graphic transitions once scripts get inputted.

Users praise Synthesys’ collection of 69 ‘Humatars’ spanning ages, ethnicities and styles for their natural movements – ideal for serving global audiences. Granular controls even allow adjusting mouths, eyes and faces during speech to balance accuracy with preferred aesthetics. Output videos render in up to 4K resolution suitable for any media platform.

For resource-strapped marketing, eLearning, and communications teams needing to produce videos at scale without sacrificing quality, Synthesys brings tremendous value. The AI unlocks exponential video creation capacity, freeing up people to focus on strategy and messaging rather than technical skill development. This makes Synthesys a game changing corporate video production assistant.

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI allows you to create AI-generated video using simple text, instantly and quickly. Text-to-Speech will allow you to create your AI video within 5 minutes.

You can get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Create a new project. Start with a PPT template of your choice or one of our starter templates.
  • Scripts can be manually entered or copied and pasted. The contents of your PPT file will be automatically entered.
  • After you finish editing and select the AI model, language and appropriate language, you can export your synthesized video.


HeyGen has emerged as a versatile AI-powered video creation platform enabling businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs to generate customized promotional, tutorial, and presentation videos rapidly right from their browser. Its seamless integration with PowerPoint decks further bolsters engagement opportunities.

At its core, HeyGen makes professional video production remarkably simple through advanced text-to-video artificial intelligence. Users can conveniently convert scripts, storyboards, or decks into polished corporate videos in minutes versus days by manually filming, animating, editing and scoring. The AI handles translating text descriptions into full animated scenes complete with library background music syncing.

For voiceovers, simply record and upload a custom narration or choose from hundreds of realistic text-to-speech voices. HeyGen’s animated avatars mimic your lip movements for a personalized touch. The AI even auto-generates closed captions and dynamic scene changes keeping viewers engaged.

Beyond standalone videos, users can upload existing PowerPoint files and the AI will convert slides into engaging cinematic videos perfect for communications, lectures, advertising and more. By powering instant video creation and adapting presentations for the online audience, HeyGen allows businesses to efficiently reach more customers and stakeholders through the visual medium.

With an easy-to-use web interface requiring no technical skills, smart integrations, and advanced AI rapidly converting text or slides into professional video, HeyGen streamlines video production so any organization can strengthen messaging and engagement through visual content and multimedia.


Fliki is an innovative AI-powered video creation platform making professional-quality video production remarkably accessible through its unique integration of both text-to-video and text-to-speech conversion tools. With Fliki’s script-based editor, users can easily transform written text into full-fledged videos complete with realistic voiceovers in a huge range of languages and accents.

At its core, Fliki streamlines video creation by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to automatically handle typically intensive tasks like speech generation, animation, graphic design and more based on simple text input. Users can effortlessly synthesize videos with professional voiceovers in over 2000 natural voices spanning 75+ languages – an exceptionally wide range compared to competitors.

But what truly sets Fliki apart is how it combines its smooth text-to-speech engine with AI video generation capabilities for flexible creation. This means users benefit from an all-in-one platform meeting every video content need rather than requiring multiple specialized tools. Videos flow directly from scripts through completely automated pipelines resulting in remarkably fast output perfect for time-sensitive social media ads, reels and YouTube uploads.

Fliki’s AI empowers users to produce all types of promotional, educational, tutorial and product demo videos tailored to their brand and audience without any manual editing or production. Whether creating eLearning materials, software walkthroughs, commercial testimonials or influencer content, Fliki makes flawless video creation simple and accessible to all through its unified media synthesis AI., run by a team of AI experts from around the world, is another AI video generator. It allows users to create video content using text. You can easily create videos with

The platform allows you to create a professional video in three clicks from a link to a blog post or article. The first step is to copy and paste the URL of a blogpost or HTML text, then select a template from the library. The only thing left is to review the video and make any necessary changes. Once you’re done, render and download the video. can be a great tool for those who want to create videos that are free of actors, voiceovers or post-production. AI-powered product videos can improve your marketing.

Over 60 languages are available, and there are more than 25 avatars. You can request an avatar in addition to selecting a presenter.


Pictory is a video maker that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit videos of high quality. The tool’s best feature is that it doesn’t require any prior experience in video design or editing.

Start by creating a script, or an article that will be the basis for your video. Pictory, for example, can transform your blog into a video that you can use on social media and your website. This feature is great for bloggers or companies who want to improve engagement and quality. It works on any computer because it’s based in cloud.

Pictory allows you to edit videos with text. This is ideal for editing Zoom recordings, Zoom webinars, podcasts and more. It is easy to use, and it only takes a few minutes to get professional results.

Pictory also offers the ability to create video highlight reels that can be shared on social media. This is a great tool for anyone looking to make trailers or short clips. You can also caption and summarize videos automatically.


Synthesia is another great AI video creator. It’s an AI video creation platform that allows you to create videos quickly with AI avatars. Platform includes 60 different languages, various templates, screen recording, media library and more.

Some of the biggest names in the world, like Google, Nike and Reuters, use Synthesia.

Synthesia eliminates the need for expensive video equipment and filming locations. Choose from more than 70 AI avatars, and you can even create an exclusive AI avatar just for your brand. You can create your own avatars in addition to the preset ones.

With the AI voice generation platform, it is easy to create professional and consistent voiceovers that can be edited by simply clicking a button. The voiceovers include closed captions. With more than 50 templates, you can create quality videos within minutes once you have an avatar. Upload your brand assets to get templates that are tailored for you.


InVideo has emerged as a premier AI-powered video creation platform ideal for marketers, businesses, and really any user aiming to make compelling videos without professional editing skills or experience. Its automated features allow you to transform simple text into polished, customized promotional, tutorial, testimonial, and presentation videos in minutes.

At its core, InVideo enables easy video production through an intuitive text-to-video converter tool. Simply input a script, select from dozens of professionally designed video templates across styles and formats, customize visual assets like colors, fonts and layouts, and the AI will synthesize everything into a high quality video, no filming required. Users especially praise the diverse library spanning square videos for Instagram to widescreen YouTube variations.

InVideo handles the entire video creation process automatically. Complex timeline editing, motion graphics design, visual transitions and top-tier animation are packed into customizable templates created by professional human designers then enhanced by AI assistants. This allows anyone, from digital marketers to entrepreneurs, trainers to influencers, to make stunning videos flexing their brand style without needing advanced editing expertise.

Once generated based on your script and creative selections, videos render rapidly. They can then be downloaded directly or published to the top social/video platforms. Users even utilize InVideo’s video creation superpowers for crucial business presentations. Through remarkable AI democratizing industry-grade video production, InVideo unlocks new engaging video possibilities for creators at any skill level in any domain.

These AI-powered video generation tools allow anyone to easily create high-quality, customized videos simply by inputting text, audio, or presentations. Key players like Synthesys, Deepbrain AI, and InVideo provide text-to-video capabilities using advanced algorithms and expansive template libraries.

Capabilities span voiceover production, avatar creation, multiple language support, editing functionalities, and flexible video formats ideal for marketing, tutorials, explainers and more. Users praise the intuitive interfaces, quick rendering, and professional polish achieved in minutes without studios or equipment.

While concerns exist around misuse, the democratization of powerful video production unlocked by AI cannot be understated. These tools bridge accessibility gaps for creators at all levels to generate polished video content faster. Machine assistance in asset generation, custom styling, editing accelerates output exponentially versus manual methods.

As the space matures with players like Synthesia and Pictory, and AI model quality improves, exponentially more applications leveraging smart video creation will emerge across industries like media, education, sales and social media. Responsible development balancing innovation with ethics remains vital as advanced generative video capabilities spread.

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